CSF-Oregon accepts scholarship applications from families residing anywhere in the state of Oregon.

Scholarships are for Kindergarten through 8th grade only.

Priority is given to applicants who are entering private elementary schools for the first time (not already attending private schools) or who are entering Kindergarten.

CSF-Oregon scholarships may be used for tuition at legally operating private or parochial elementary school or for qualifying homeschool expenses.

CSF-Oregon scholarships are awarded to families, and families are free to change private schools if they wish. The scholarship follows the child, but it is paid directly to the school.

Because charter schools are public schools, CSF-Oregon scholarships cannot be used to attend a charter school.

The maximum scholarship awarded per child is $2,000 per year.

Scholarship amounts are calculated according to a sliding scale that considers family income, household size, and the tuition and financial aid figures provided by the child’s new private school.

Scholarships are partial and may be used for tuition only. Parents are responsible for the remaining tuition and must pay at least $500 in tuition themselves.

Scholarships do not cover fees, books, transportation, uniforms, or other non-tuition costs.

Families do not need to provide any financial information to be on the waiting list. We encourage families who are interested in applying for a scholarship to contact us to be placed on the waiting list, even if the children are still too young for school.

The table below is provided as a guide to help families estimate whether or not they are likely to be eligible for a scholarship. If their income is near the cutoff for their household size, or their income changes from year to year, it is fine to be on the waiting list if they are currently over the income limit.

A full application packet will be provided to families on the waiting list as additional scholarship spaces become available.

Once applicants have been selected, their scholarship applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. If a family has applied for a scholarship and their application is complete, they can expect to hear back within two weeks.

CSF-Oregon offers scholarship applications to families on the waiting list by random lottery during the spring/summer before the upcoming school year. We will begin the lottery for the 2023-2024 school year in March 2023.

How are scholarships awarded?

CSF-Oregon relies on private donations for the number of scholarships awarded each year. CSF-Oregon awards scholarships each school year to students entering Kindergarten through grade 8. Priority is given to returning scholarship recipients and their siblings, new applicants entering Kindergarten, and new applicants currently attending public schools, who intend to transfer to a private school.

Children do not need to be school-aged to add them to the waiting list. CSF-Oregon tries to offer scholarships to the whole family as funding allows, but first priority is given to Kindergarteners and to students entering private school for the first time.

Applications for the 2023-2024 school year are closed. Families wishing to apply for CSF-Oregon scholarships for the 2024-2025 school year should submit a pre-application.