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The Children’s Scholarship Fund (CSF) provides children of low-income families with tuition assistance in grades K-8 and supports expanding educational opportunities for all children.

A quality elementary school education puts children on the path to success in life. To that end, CSF and its partner programs provide partial scholarships to low-income families so their children can attend the K-8 schools that will help them reach their full potential.


The Children’s Scholarship Fund-Oregon empowers K-8 students from lower-income Oregon families to get a quality education and a “hand up” in life by providing partial tuition scholarships to the tuition-based schools of their parents’ choice.

CSF-Oregon is a need-based scholarship program which accepts applications from lower-income families residing anywhere in the state of Oregon. (Click here to see program eligibility requirements.)

CSF-Oregon is a program of Cascade Policy Institute and part of the Children’s Scholarship Fund (CSF) national network of scholarship granting organizations. CSF and its partner programs are committed to empowering families in need with the ability to choose the K-8 schools that best meet their children’s needs, regardless of their ability to pay or the neighborhoods where they live. CSF also supports parental choice and reform efforts that help all children get the education they deserve.

Since 1998, the Children’s Scholarship Fund and its independent partners have provided scholarships worth $934 million, changing the lives of 191,500 children in need. CSF-Oregon has provided $3.5 million in scholarship assistance to more than 800 children from lower-income families.